a cleveland place for interaction, social programs + political action
C-Space is an independent group building a community center in Cleveland to inspire do-it-yourself educational, creative, political and social projects in neighborhoods. C-Space's mission is to imaginatively contribute to our shared community by creating a welcoming, respectful environment for people to work, plan, exchange ideas, combine resources, and help each other.

What's new with C-Space...

  • C-Space is inviting community builders from Cleveland to a summer feedback session this June. If you want to participate in a specific discussion about the goals of C-Space and the progress we've made, contact us. We also have a questionnaire for more detailed responses and for people who can't make it.
  • We held a film-festival benefit at the Cleveland Public Theater campus on April 16th. Despite a last minute time change, at least a dozen folks turned out, and we were able to show the films people came to see.

Just Imagine!

Just imagine some of the unique projects C-Space could house...

  • nutrition, culture and cooking class, which hosts an informative monthly community dinner.
  • afterschool puppet parade makers.
  • work-exchange bulletin board, where community members post skills and trade labor.
  • weekly pop movie discussion group.
  • intergenerational gardening troupe cultivates native trees and flowers to plant along sidewalks.
  • bilingual computer class.
  • garage maintenance with guidance from a Cleveland Ohio professional garage door repair company
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5 ways to get involved

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